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Cheap Veggie Tales .. $3.99 shipped!

11 Nov

I love a good deal, and when I find one I have to share.

Get one of 5 veggie tales DVDs for free, just pay shipping!

Head over to Veggie Tales

Add one of the following to your cart(it only works on these 5):

  1. Happy Together
  2. Girl Power
  3. Silly Little Thing Called Love
  4. Abe and the Amazing Promise
  5. Esther
Use the coupon code “VEGGIECFA” to get the DVD for free, just pay shipping. Mine arrived in about 2 weeks. This would make a great cheap Christmas Gift or donation item for your local church.
I could not get the coupon code to work on Happy Together so I did not link it. They also have a bunch of movies marked down from $14.99 to $6.97 for their fall sale.  They also offer free shipping on orders of $30 or more- Buy 6 DVDs (5 @ $6.97 plus the free one) for for $34.85 or $5.81 each.. not a bad deal if you have a veggie tales lover.
I recently bought the Girl Power one for my nice for Christmas.. I upgraded to priority shipping and paid $4.11 but I wouldn’t suggest it because I think they shipped it the same method as the slow way as the postage on the package was $1.27.. but I wont complain.. $4 for a DVD is a deal in my book!


11 Nov

Its the beginning of November and the stores are filled with Christmas Trees, decorations and Christmas music, and its no surprise that this year the decorations started coming out BEFORE Halloween. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and I never minded that the decorations made their appearance before Thanksgiving, after all we have to be ready to decorate the day after Thanksgiving, but before Halloween is a bit absurd-nothing like rushing the season..  anyways I continue back to my original purpose of this post.. my Christmas list & budget.

It seems that my Christmas Shopping list gets bigger and bigger each year, but with the big move this year and me not working we are trying to stay on a budget — (Plus we want a new TV for ourselves!)

Here is the list of everyone I have to buy for:

Mom & Dad
Rick & Joann (inlaws #1)
Jami & Marty (inlaws #2)
Grannie (My mom’s mom)
Iris & Jack (My Grandparents)
Staci & Jeremy (Eric’s Sister and her Hubby)
Spencer (^ 4 month old baby)
Ryan & Kari (my brother and sister in-law)
Kinzlie (^4 year old nice)
Ryder(18 month old nephew)
Jake (17 year old brother)
Jace (15 year old brother)

Thats a total of 18 people.. with a budget of $15 a person… thats a total of  $270!! Yikes! I am going to do my best to cut this budget down.. like WAY down. I would like to see it around $150.. not sure if that is doable but I will sure try… I have spent a bit already…

$11.97—3 subscriptions to ESPN Sports Magazine for a year @  $3.99 each .. this is over $100 value.. this will be for my 3 brothers and I am looking for a little something to go along with it .. maybe something homemade or nice razors from my coupon stash..

$8–1 year subscription of Rachel Ray and Taste of Home for Grannie. This is a great deal for 2 magazines and she loves to cook so I know she will love them. I am thinking Ill add a jar of my homemade canned salsa-it was my first venture but I remember watching her do it as a kid and even if the salsa itself isn’t good she will love the effort 🙂

$4.11 — Veggie Tales DVD, it was free just had to pay shipping, for my niece Kinzlie, its a triple header about girl power.. the case is hot pink <3! Check out my post on how to get this deal 🙂 I will probably add some homemade hair bows and coloring books from the dollar tree (she’s into cutting, coloring and gluing right now)

$8 — Plush Tiger Winter Beanie for Ryder.. a little more than I would like to have spent but it was an impulse buy.. My hometown mascot is the Tigers so I know he will get use of it during those chilly football games next season as my little brother plays Varsity football and they go to all the games.. plus I know he will look so darn cute in it! I’m thinking about ordering him a veggie tales DVD and calling it good.


Not sure what I will be getting for everyone else.. hopefully some good deals come my way or my creative brain gets to work :)!  Whats on your Christmas list this year?





Black Friday

11 Nov

If you are anything like me you are all about getting a good deal. My husband and I start planning our black friday wish list in the summer and we love the push and shove of Black Friday – 2 years ago we waited in the freezing cold for 3 hours outside of Target – we did manage to snag 4 32″ LCD TVs for $250 each- (they were my parents christmas presents to my brothers and me) and yes it was totally worth it!

This years Black Friday Wish List:

Flat Screen TVwe have one “old fashioned” TV left to replace, we are either going to rotate the 32″ to the bedroom and the 22″ to my craft room and buy a 40″ or buy a smaller one for the craft room – it will depend on what deals are coming out. 

Wii or XBox with KinectWe aren’t big video game people but we don’t have cable so this will be a great form of entertainment and exercise for us – does anyone have a preference of one over the other? and why.. 

Audio Bar for living room TVthis is pretty high on my husbands list

Kitchen Aid MixerI have wanted one for years, just waiting on the right deal to come around 🙂 

and of course I want an iPad but that wont be happening this year, maybe next year. 

Wal-Marts Black Friday ad was released last night and there are quite a few deals that match up with our wish list. Wal-Marts black friday specials will be starting at 10pm with some of the bigger items starting at midnight and even more at 8am – it could be a long night for us.

here are some things that have caught my eyes:

Emerson TV 32″ — $188  40″ — $248

Sansui TV 19″ — $98

Digital Picture Frame — $20 — I think that this would make a great gift for my parents and in-laws, load it down with pictures and send it their way, I know I would love one!

Wii Blue Console — $100

XBox 360 with Kinect — $200 w/ $50 wal-mart gift card

V-Tech Toys — $10 (I have a 4 year old nice, a 4 month old nephew and an 18 month old nephew)

Rival Waffle Maker — $2.84 — just because 🙂

15 Piece Picture Frame Set — $12.96

Samsung Audio Bar — $98

Memory Foam Bath Mat $6.97

There are also tons of other deals to be had at Wal-Mart, I can’t wait for the Target ad to come out and then we will decide where we will be going or if we will have to divide and conquer.

So tell me… what is on your list? Where will you be shopping this year? Will you be camping out at o-dark-thirty to get the good deals?