Sunday Funday!

22 Jan

Hello Sunday!  This is actually a pretty exciting Sunday for us (hahaha)


The oh-so eventful day started off by sleeping in.. until noon to be exact. Me Eric and the dogs cuddled in the bed.. Around noon we got up took the dogs out and out the door we went. We had an estate sale in mind. We are ISO some old vintage picture frames, a solid wood chest of drawers or dresser and a some candle sticks and vases and plates and saucers all with some fun PINTEREST inspired projects.

Old Frame Uses:
Bow Holder For craft show displays. Found on Pinterest but here is the original link. I Love these. I think mine would get a coat of hot pink or black paint and pair it with a fun mini-easel.

I also want to make a chalk board out of one using DIY chalk board paint (1 cup paint + 2tbs non-sand grout)

The Candlesticks, saucers, bowls, vases & Plates are all for these crafts:

We really didn’t find many treasures, a $3 picture frame but its not near as fancy as what I am looking for.. they were all $20++ and I don’t want to spend NEAR that much.

After visiting about 5 flea markets and thrift stores we headed home, but not without picking up a couple of newspapers for the coupons. DON’T FORGET TO CHECK FOR INSERTS!

When we got home I discovered my lovely husband forgot to lay out the chicken for the fried chicken … so backup meal it was:

Dixie Stampede Creamy Veggie Soup & Leftovers. This soup is AMAZING! Will post recipe later.


Now I’m on to sewing a few bibs and clipping the coupons for the week.. hope their are some good ones!



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